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I didn’t expect to get this attached to you…

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irem-and-the-diamonds:Chanel No. 5 boy on We Heart It.

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Leo Thursday, June 5, 2014 Taking inventory of your recent accomplishments inspires you to raise your work to the next level without too much effort. Stabilizing your financial and social networks enables you to cultivate a higher degree of creativity now. Remember, you don’t have to expend more energy to achieve success; gain efficiency and consistency by following a strategic plan. Work smarter, not harder.

Single’s Love

It might not be the most romantic day in your life, but you can get a lot done and maybe get ready for what’s coming up! Get your favorite clothes cleaned, and get plenty of rest for the big event coming soon.


Spend a little time deciding what you really want out of life. Finances are boring, it’s true but now’s not the time to go off spending willy-nilly. If you’re frugal and wise, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth later.